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Innovation is at the Forefront at AquaOmega

Innovation is at the Forefront at AquaOmega

supply side west

Last week I had the pleasure of attending one of the largest raw material shows in the world at Supply Side West in Las Vegas. It was wonderful to catch up with some great industry colleagues. Once again, it was a pleasure to be back in person to discuss new innovations with current raw material suppliers and manufacturers and explore new international opportunities for AquaOmega.

As part of our commitment to continuously improve the Omega-3 category, it was great to learn about new materials and find new sources that we could look to incorporate into some of our current and future products.

Some of the highlights from the show for me were:

  • Algae-based Vitamin D3
  • New studies on research from Omega-7s derived from anchovies have shown to help regulate and balance blood sugars.
  • New powdered Omega-3s from both fish and plant-based sources
  • New Algae-based proteins and greens
  • Finally, some interesting new materials in phospholipid form show promise for the potential of increasing the bioavailability of existing materials.

The future is bright for this very important category, and we are excited to continue championing it and to be at the forefront of innovation and quality. We also thank you for your continued support, as non of this would be possible without you.