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AquaOmega Clinician Study

AquaOmega Clinician Study

AquaOmega Clinician Study

AquaOmega in Collaboration with Lipid Laboratories recently started a small observational study.

To start the study, we selected 75 Naturopathic Doctors, Clinicians, Dietitians, and some students at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. In this study, we set out to measure the impact of our High EPA over four weeks and eight weeks respectively on both the total OmegaScore and cortisol levels, a direct market of stress.

*The OmegaScore test is a dry blood spot test in which we can determine the amount of long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in the whole blood.

maille devlin ND

Led by Dr. Mailled Devlin, we hosted a quick onboarding meeting for the participants where we ran through the parameters of the study and everything included in the study kit. From there, all participants sent in their initial blood and hair samples to get their base level scores.

Once base level samples were submitted, participants were then asked to take AquaOmega’s High EPA Omega-3s in the liquid form included in their package ( 4380 mg of Omega-3s and 3380 mg of EPA 670 mg of DHA). After four weeks of use, participants were again asked to submit a new blood sample to measure their OmegaScore again to see any marked improvements.

The participants were asked to continue taking AquaOmega’s high EPA oil for an additional four weeks. At that point, they will be asked to send in a new hair follicle sample to measure cortisol levels again and see if there is any direct impact on stress markers.

We here at AquaOmega are very excited about this observational study, and we are very keen on sharing the results with everyone. We are also very excited to continue our work with Lipid Laboratories and expand on the outstanding technology and testing made available with the OmegaScore.

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