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Omega-3 for cold and flu?

Omega-3 for cold and flu?

Omega-3 for cold and flu?

It is that time of year again. Time for stuffy noses, sore throats, sinus infections, or annoying coughs that can morph into cold or even a full-blown flu virus.

We often turn to several home remedies, natural health products, or even prescription and over the counter drugs to either try and prevent or fight some of these viruses. There is, however, a potent and effective source that is often ignored or overlooked. I am, of course, talking about omega-3s. Known for their heart, brain, and anti-inflammatory health properties, they are commonly overlooked as a source to help alleviate and or prevent the cold and flu.

So how is taking fish going to help reduce your chances of getting sick this flu season?

Omega-3s have been proven to bolster your immune system significantly. Their ability to do this comes in the fact that they have been shown to reduce systemic inflammation in the body allowing for your immune system to appropriately respond to any virus or pathogen that you may come in contact with. omega-3s are also excellent at eliminating free radicals and have been proven to reduce the cells and or a virus's ability to reproduce and or duplicate. Additionally, high dose omega-3 will have a significant impact on B cells, which play a vital role in the body's response to infections. These B cells play critical roles in antibody production, stimulation of antimicrobial peptides, and production of immune system cytokines.

Omega-3s become particularly critical for cold and flu prevention in the young and the elderly, and there have been several studies showing that taking high potency omega-3 will reduce the risk of your cold developing into lung infection and recurrence of lung infection.

So get ahead of the cold and flu season this year, and make sure that you get yourself and your entire family on a high-quality omega-3 supplement. Your health and quality of life will benefit from this critical supplement in so many ways, and you are very likely reducing your risk for cold and flu. And should you or your loved ones do get sick, you are significantly increasing your ability to fend off the virus.


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