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The importance of Omega-3s for Children

The importance of Omega-3s for Children

The importance of Omega-3s for Children

As we all know, Omega-3s, specifically DHA and EPA, are critical for the development and maintenance of good health in everyone, but they are especially essential in children. So why are the current kid's products available in the market dosed with sub-optimal levels of Omega-3s? Why are these same products loaded with artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners, and chemical dyes? Why would these companies include fillers in their products?

This situation is no different from what we experienced in the adult Omega-3 space. This category is littered with products that focus on profits and not efficacy. Companies have been making products with low dose, low-quality materials because it's easy to make them taste good and highly profitable for the company making them.

AquaOmega Lab

We at AquaOmega do not believe in the status quo, which is why over the past two years, we have been working incredibly hard to innovate and improve this fundamental category. We are pleased to let you know that we have done it. Get ready because the company that has revolutionized the Omega-3 space is preparing to do it again in the Omega-3 Kids category.

Our incredible new products are designed once again to deliver therapeutic doses of Omega-3s without any fillers, artificial ingredients, or sweeteners. They taste amazing and provide such critical nutrients for our youth to help maintain overall health and development.

We are incredibly proud of this and look forward to working with you, our valued retail partners, to once again change and improve the category of Omega-3s with real innovation and help individuals improve their health and wellness in a significant way.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates. The expected launch date is Q1 2022.

Max Marion, Founder.

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