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Wild Sustainability

Wild Sustainability

Wild Sustainability

AquaOmega aims to have a positive impact on planet Earth’s oceans and fragile ecosystems as a whole. We support both local and global organizations that are making a positive impact on the environment today, and for generations to come. That’s why we use anchovies to source our omega-3 supplements.

Why the Anchovy is perfect

Anchovies are small saltwater fish that are generally found in large schools. With over 100 different species, they are spread across various regions of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. They are naturally very high in Omega-3 fatty acids due to the fact that their principal source of food is actually algae, and not other fish. The fact that Anchovies have the shortest lifespan of all fish traditionally used for Omega-3s also ensures that they are the least contaminated by pollutants and microplastics found in our Oceans today.

Anchovy is not a farmed fish, unlike other common sources such as salmon. They are caught in the wild and therefore kept away from many of the dangerous chemicals and feed that farmed fish are often exposed to. Because they are found in large schools and are traditionally top-water fish, it makes it easier to fish them in large groups and mitigate bycatch (which happens when species other than the sought-after fish are accidentally caught while fishing). In addition, because the fishing nets do not need to drag the ocean floor, unnecessary damage to coral reefs is also prevented.

Ethical & Honest

All AquaOmega Oils are exclusively sourced from wild-caught anchovy, using a small fleet of 60 vessels which are each individually equipped with GPS to make sure that they are following sustainable fishing practices, and that the anchovy biomass in the South Pacific is not being damaged in any way. These strict fishing practices include bycatch reduction and social and environmental accountability.

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