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Description: AquaOmega Standard fish oil is our base level Omega-3 fish oil supplement. This product is made exclusively from wild-caught anchovies sourced from the pristine waters of the South Pacific. Our minimum daily dose of Omega-3s has over 3x the concentration of other leading brands on the market.

Ingredients: Anchovy Oil, Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Extract, Monk Fruit Extract, Mixed Tocopherol Concentrate.

Directions: Take 4 capsules daily. Consult your physician if you are taking prescribed blood-thinning agents before consuming.

Best used For

Inflammation Support

Inflammation Support

Help protect against joint pain & stiffness caused by inflammation.

Bone Frailty Support

Help protect your bones from becoming vulnerable while helping to maintain their essential minerals.

Cardiovascular Support

Heart Health

The facts are hard to ignore - Omega-3s have a huge impact on our hearts while fighting disease

Each Serving Contains

Omega 3 count
Epa Count
dha count
vitamin-D count