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Why am I so excited about these new AquaOmega chewables?

Why am I so excited about these new AquaOmega chewables?

Why am I so excited about these new AquaOmega chewables?


Irina Poli, CNP

Well, there are many reasons, but there is one that makes me the most enthusiastic. AquaOmega has created a new type of omega-3 product that is very innovative and provides a different way of consuming your omega-3s. As a nutritionist, this makes me super excited. Let me tell you why!

So far, most of you know that omega-3 supplements come either as liquid oil or as a capsule. This new product however is liquid oil inside of a chewable, tasty capsule. This means, that you can chew on the capsule and break it open in your mouth. After the flavored oil comes out, the capsule itself becomes like a nice chewy candy.

I know it sounds great already, but let me tell you about why I think this is one of the best ways to consume your omega-3s!

As we all know, omega-3s are a fat. For us to digest fats properly, we need a strong and active digestion process. The way that fats get absorbed into our system is through the small intestine. However, for proper absorption in the small intestine we need pancreatic enzymes such as lipase, protease and amylase. We also need a good enough amount of bile which is produced in the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and then released into the small intestine.

The problem with these enzymes and bile is that the body does not produce a lot of it if we are not in a state of active digestion. Active digestion means that stomach acid is high enough to send a signal to the pancreas and the gallbladder to release enzymes and bile into the small intestine for proper absorption. Generally, this happens when we eat, after we get hunger signals.

Unfortunately, most people do not take their supplements at the same time that they eat their main meals, even though it’s recommended. When someone takes oil on an empty stomach, their digestion is not really that active, which means the pancreas and the gallbladder are not going to produce enough enzymes and bile to properly absorb the fat. This is a big reason why you see "take with food" written on so many supplements!

An active digestion is measured by the level of acidity in your stomach. This is what signals the pancreas and the gallbladder to release the enzymes and the bile for the proper absorption of fat. The more “active” your digestion is, the better absorption of nutrients you will have.

Now, let's get back to these chewables. The act of chewing and producing saliva is one of the ways that you can turn on your stomach acidity. This means, that by chewing these capsules you are increasing the amount of pancreatic enzymes and bile in the small intestine, and therefore creating better absorption of your omega-3s.

To me as a nutritionist, this is absolutely revolutionary! Not only is it way more fun to take your omega-3s like this, but it's actually also increasing the absorption of the oil in your system! My professional opinion is that you have to try these new chewables! They are an absolute game changer in how you get your omega-3s every day!

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