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That One Supplement You May Have Overlooked For Allergy Relief

That One Supplement You May Have Overlooked For Allergy Relief

That One Supplement You May Have Overlooked For Allergy Relief

Omega-3s are so well known and recognized for their importance in heart and brain health that they are often overlooked when it comes to several other health benefits. The vital nutrients in Omega-3s, primarily EPA and DHA, play critical roles in almost all aspects of your health. From regulating inflammation, balancing hormones, regulating blood sugars, and reducing cortisol levels, Omega-3s do it all. Including the relief of symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. 

The results are in

A study from 2002-2003, which took place in Germany, sought to find if there was a correlation between higher levels of Omega-3s in the red blood cells and allergic sensitization and allergic rhinitis. The study concluded that a high content of omega-3s in the red blood cells showed a decreased risk of allergic sensitization and allergic rhinitis. 

If the results from the study above aren't convincing enough, the following study showed that you can start protecting your children from allergies while still in the womb. According to a 2003 study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, fish oil supplements taken by pregnant mothers can reduce their child's sensitivity to certain allergies. Children who participated in the study saw a 20.7% drop in egg allergen sensitivity if their mothers had taken fish oil supplements while pregnant.


The supplementation of Omega-3s provides various nutritional and mental health benefits. Allergy and seasonal allergy is another great one to add to the list. So what's stopping you from taking charge of your health, take our 1-minute quiz, find out which product is right for you, and check out our incredible new kid's gummies.

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